We organize various forms of educational programs for both Chinese and US participants in clinical practice, healthcare management, health policy, health insurance operation, global strategy, international business development, and other related fields.


  • Seminars

    We organize online/video seminars for clinicians and management to discuss topics of common interest. We also partner with existing programs offered by various institutions to maximize participating and impact. Please contact us for collaboration or participation.

  • Observerships

    We place Chinese physicians and surgeons in US institutions as short term clinical observers. More in depth discussions can take place in real practice and collegial relationship can be developed between clinicians and researchers from both countries.

  • Lectures & Speeches

    We invite, organize and coordinate US clinicians, executives, researchers and officials to speak and lecture in various settings in China. They include scientific conferences, industry gatherings, policy seminars, and university or hospital lectures.

  • Tours & Visits

    We organize bilateral fact-finding trips, tours and visits to gather information, facilitate exchange, establish relations, and foster collaboration.

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