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28 Dec

CNUSHA Invites Cleveland Clinic to Speak on Sepsis Conference in China

China US Health Alliance invited Dr. R. Duncan Hite, Chairman of Critical Care Medicine at Cleveland Clinic to speak on the first International Sepsis Forum in Shenzhen, China from Nov. 14th to 15th, 2015. Dr. Hite gave two academic speeches. ...

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23 Dec

China’s First Human Uterus Transplantation

Doctors in Xi-jing Hospital in Xi’an, China, announced that they had successfully performed a uterus transplantation from mother to daughter on November 20, with a team of 38 specialists across 11 specialties. The operation took 14 hours. Surgeons used the ...

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10 Sep

China US Health Alliance Led China Ping An Insurance to Meet with Senior CMS Officials

Mr. John Zhao, CEO of China US Health Alliance, led a delegation of executives from China Ping An Annuity Insurance Company to meet with Mark McClellan, MD, former Administrator of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, at Brookings Institution in ...

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