The United States and China are the two largest and fastest growing healthcare markets in the world. China US Health Alliance serves as the nexus that connects healthcare institutions, medical colleges, professional societies, research institutes, government agencies, industry organizations, corporations, clinicians, administrators, policy makers and innovators between these two markets.

Healthcare poses a global challenge as populations age and costs increase in industrialized countries. Yet, each country has a different set of legacy issues, structural characteristics, political environment, economic constraints, legal framework, and popular expectations; as a result of this, they may try different approaches to similar challenges. Some of these approaches in one country may be inspiring to other countries, even though they may not be implemented exactly as in the country of origin. China US Health Alliance is a promoter and organizer of these exchanges between the two countries and around the world in all aspects and at all levels of the healthcare system.

Healthcare offers a global opportunity for countries to collaborate. In the age of global instant messaging and video conferencing, healthcare offers greatest possibilities of international and global collaboration across ideological, political, diplomatic, and economic differences. Exchange and partnership on health promotes peace, generates goodwill, and binds all of us as humans. Let’s celebrate our diversity and work towards a common goal as one.